What is this ?

Whimageat about the freedom of creating online, free pdf documents ? Imagine you have a meeting with your customers, or have to give something to a teacher in the next 10 minutes.. well with O!pdf you can do that in a finger click (mouse click..).. get online, login if you have a username, but even if you don’t have time to register and login, just create the document online, on the fly right away.. So yeah, you have the ability to access your profile and get more options when you create pdf files, or create quick simple documents badabing badabong.

Why create this ?

Well, let’s put it in a simple way, I have/had to do this and I couldn’t find anything so that would be why this has been created. I also think that is this a pretty nifty application to have access to especially the fact that it has the happy-duddy wysiwyg editor (TinyMCE) and that it will generate the pdf right away when you click on submit.. that would be pretty much it.